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In New Zealand, the Tú Projects team coordinate closely with a locally based shopfitting firm in Wellington and Auckland.  This allows us to provide the highest quality on-ground services we believe our clients deserve from us.

At Tú Projects we oversee all planning, production, site management and deliver all project handovers. Projects in New Zealand are managed with the same exceptional level of interaction and project management offered across the entire network of Tú Projects.

Tú Projects are able to assist brands in their expansion to foreign markets focusing on providing services that ease the process. Having worked with international brands Tú Projects understands the process of expansion, especially inter-country.

Seeking to assist Australian brands in their expansion to New Zealand and vice versa Tú Projects walks alongside businesses, making the process as stress free as possible.

Maintaining a standard of project quality, the teams in Wellington and Auckland provide the same high quality service offering when completing projects over there. A tight communication system allows for our clients to open their new venues with the confidence they have received the best quality service in their fit out experience with Tú Projects.