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Joinery Manufacturing


Joinery Manufacturing

Each project has its own unique requirements, and at Tú Projects, we work to ensure that we link our clients with joinery manufacturing that caters to their specific needs. We strive for efficient and cost effective ways to process and handle a project’s manufacturing needs, whilst simultaneously ensuring that design intent and quality is maintained.

Tú Projects has multiple local joinery suppliers in addition to The Unita Group’s own joinery business – Arc Joinery. We can also supply from one of our offshore manufacturers for special projects. By utilizing our trusted relationships, we are capable of taking care of our client’s needs and cost requirements for the best possible outcome in production.

All joinery that is installed into fit outs conducted by Tú Projects is of the highest quality. Superb craftsmanship is incredibly important for our fit outs. For a jeweller it’s the difference between high end chic cabinetry and basic cabinets which is why only the most skilled joiners are chosen to complete your projects. Quality is at the forefront of Tú Projects’ shopfitting services which is why we work closely with our internal joiner to ensure the best products are being manufactured for our clients.

Tú Projects differentiates itself from its competitors by keeping all major project stakeholders in house. When combined they are the Unita Group. A diverse group of six companies who operate to ensure business owners receive the best service and highest quality products for their hospitality fit outs, retail fit outs, and commercial fit outs. From hand crafted joinery to well organised equipment supply, each project is backed by experts in each service division. Ensuring the businesses remain competitive all suppliers are compared and the best price and quality chosen.